Mother. Employee. Tenant. Brother. Servant. Friend. Wife. Teacher. Athlete. Painter. Philanthropist. Executive. Husband. Daughter. Lover. Volunteer. Blogger. Student. Businessperson.

The roles that we occupy are many.  Honestly, most of us probably occupy too many roles. Some by necessity; others by choice. And beyond that, these roles are incredibly complex as they consist of multiple layers. Some roles are what might be called       ‘life-giving.’ They are ones that bring pleasure, fulfillment, and great joy into our lives. Other roles may be draining…feeling as though some of our best hours are given to roles that sap us of joy or, more troubling yet, bring out the worst in us.

What roles are you currently stewarding? And how well are you stewarding them? It’s easy for us to become overwhelmed with the six, eight, ten, twenty-two roles that we carry out in our lives. For you, maybe it’s time that you explore your roles and how many the Lord would have you steward. Are there any that you can be released of? If you constantly feel defeated and like you are failing in a number of your roles, responsibilities and relationships, it may be time to let some of them go.

Let us remember that our first and primary role is to be a follower of Christ—and live fully in our identity as a chosen, beloved, redeemed, and treasured son or daughter of our Heavenly Father. We often forget that our primary responsibility is to grow in intimacy with God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Let us nurture and foster that which is the most important.

So, how many roles should one occupy? Better yet….how man roles should you occupy? Inquire of the Lord and see what you discover.

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