The genius of Steve’s approach is he makes ancient ways contemporary, personal, and practical. There’s no need to live in a cave or meditate atop a pillar. The life you long to live can be fashioned from the life you already have.

From the foreword by Mark Buchanan, author of Spiritual Rhythm.


Crafting a Rule of Life is a special gift of grace for all who seek a more faithful and fulfilling way of living as a follower of Jesus Christ. The author clearly and compellingly writes about the value of a disciplined way of living for individuals and small groups, and then offers a carefully constructed pathway to find that more faithful and fulfilling way.

Rueben P. Job, United Methodist Bishop, Retired


In Crafting a Rule of Life, Steve Macchia tackles the central question facing the intentional disciple of Jesus Christ: how do I shape the rhythms of my life so I can walk with God? Steve’s gentle, wise and practical guidance will help you draw closer to Jesus on a day by day basis. This is not a book to miss.

Chris Webb, author of The Fire Of the Word


Whether our lives are overregulated, or disheveled, a “rule of life” may be what we need – and this book will help. It is not about “rules” but about the end and purpose of life – to know and love God and become all he made us to be. Read it as a guide to shaping a life, neither frittered away in self-indulgence, nor constrained by expectations of others, but growing into the fullness of Christ. You will find Steve Macchia to be a wise and seasoned companion on the way.

Leighton Ford, President, Leighton Ford Ministries


I often talk to people who feel “living insanity” defines them more than “living in sanity.” But one doesn’t move from the former to the latter without intention and a plan. Crafting a Rule of Life offers a practical and doable process to move your life from insanely busy and driven to the sweet sanity of ordered work and rest. Biblical and historical guides accompany you on the crafting journey. Steve’s book is a wonderful tool for your journey.

Adele Calhoun, author of Spiritual Disciplines Handbook


Helping people develop their own personal rule of life so their lives truly revolve around the love of Jesus is one of the most important issues facing the church today. Steve has made a wonderful contribution to us in writing this practical, thorough book written in a workbook format for us. I highly recommend it!

Pete Scazzero, Founder and Senior Pastor, New Life Fellowship Church, author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality


I’m grateful to Steve Macchia for doing the detailed and diligent work that made this unique resource possible. You don’t write a gem like this one on an iPad at Starbucks, and rich insights don’t flow from caffeine and deadlines. They ooze out from a lifetime of walking with God, loving Jesus, and disciplined listening and writing. The book is perfect for a highly committed small group (your spiritual community) or for individual use. It’s very, very practical (without being pedantic) and is great for the pastor and lay-person alike. This book proves that “rules” can foster immense joy and freedom.

John Pearson, President, John Pearson Associates, Inc.


Even the good books on my shelves are usually only read once. Crafting a Rule of Life is a Christian classic that I have read and will re-read. My friend, Steve Macchia, compellingly challenges us to be sure our rule of life closely matches the heartbeat of God, waiting on God to inform our hearts and direct our steps.

Dan Busby, President, ECFA


I wholeheartedly recommend Crafting a Rule of Life to anyone who longs to create space for God in their lives. We are using Steve’s book as the main curriculum for Pepperdine’s Spiritual Life Advisor program because of the insight and wisdom he shares for those on their journey to live fully and abundantly in Christ! The book is refreshing, engaging, and relevant for all individuals who are looking to tend to their inner life/soul. Personally, Crafting a Rule of Life has given me tangible resources to be attentive to what God’s Spirit is doing in my life and to live out of being God’s beloved.

Christine Suh, Housing & Resident Life Director, Pepperdine University


I’ve known Steve Macchia for nearly a quarter of my life, and when he writes a book it’s worth the read. Why? Because he has a profound grasp on how faith communities grow deep in Christ as they lead in confidence. To that, what he says he lives, a sign of genuine and God-honoring leadership. Crafting a Rule of Life takes an ancient truth and makes it work for you, for your team, for your community.

Dr. Barry Corey, President, Biola University


Many followers of Christ wonder what God’s purpose and plan is for them in the Kingdom. Steve Macchia masterfully encourages and invites you to embrace margin with the Living God where you discover God’s heart beating within your soul, affirming the unique way He created and purposed you. You will find yourself pondering questions you’ve never asked, experiencing freedom to live authentically and realizing the great joy of intentionally living into a “well-ordered” journey with the Lord.

Jenni Hoag, Spiritual Director, Denver, CO


The whirlwind surrounding our lives today requires a counterbalance. Crafting a Rule of Life puts forward that ballast in profound and practical ways. I highly commend this book.

Stephan Bauman, President and CEO, World Relief


This is the best book that I know of when it comes to putting together a meaningful rule of life. In fact, the sheer act of working through each chapter in preparation for crafting that rule is itself a transforming experience. Crafting a Rule of Life is very accessible, very well organized, very readable, and very practical. I can envision groups of Christians working though this material together–out of which a “well-ordered way” of life will emerge for each person. Get this book!

Dr. Richard Peace, Professor of Evangelism and Spiritual Formation, FullerTheological Seminary and author, Noticing God


Followers of Jesus since the beginning of the church have adopted a set of varying practices that has come to be known as a ‘Rule of Life.’ Steve has dusted off, updated, and energized this ancient notion for 21st century disciples. The grace, joy, and hope with which he writes makes it clear that a Rule of Life is not another white-knuckled exercise of the will, but an immersion into the rhythms of freedom in the Spirit. This book confirms my experience that I do not keep a Rule of Life, but the Rule of Life keeps me in communion and mission with Jesus.

Howard Baker, Instructor of Spiritual Formation, Denver Seminary


Steve has not only written a book on Rule of Life…he lives it…for real…with all the joys and struggles that come with seeking to follow for a lifetime.

Dr. David Currie, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Crafting a Rule offers us the desperately needed gift of an ancient trellis that joins us to the source of all life. In our crazy, chaotic lives, what could be more needed than a life centered on Christ? Biblically grounded and historically rooted, Steve’s book is the most practical step-by-step book available for anyone who wants to create a rule for themselves.

Ken Shigematsu, Senior Pastor, Tenth Church, Vancouver BC and author of God in My Everything (2013)


We used Crafting a Rule of Life for the past two months in our private reading and crafted a new rule of life that offers us hope, breathes life into our work and helps us understand how to sustain our life-work rhythm. I highly recommend Macchia’s book!

Steve Smith, Co-Founder, President and Spiritual Director, Potter’s Inn Ministry


In Crafting a Rule of Life: An Invitation to the Well-Ordered Way, Stephen Macchia has created a rich and multi-layered resource for any who want to embrace each day as a sacred time for becoming more aware of God’s love and presence.

Dr. Gary Moon, Executive Director, Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center


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