Discovering your personal rule of life will change the trajectory of your life. It will realign your days. It will focus your attention on the Author of life who gave you one unique and distinct life to live with abundance and joy.

Will you continue to allow the waves and winds of this world, and the pressures to perform and produce by others around you, continue to guide the use of each new day? Or, will you choose to hop off the treadmill of constant activity and begin afresh to listen more attentively to the voice of invitation from the God who loves you more than you could ever ask, dream and imagine?

Welcome to a new way of being present to God and one another.

Personal Rule of Life Examples

View images of a variety of ways you can express your personal rule of life. Explore more examples and stories as you consider how to frame, form, and fulfill your own rule!

Additional Resources

Below are several additional resources to aid you in crafting your personal rule!


Season 08, Episode 06

Featuring Steve Macchia and Ken Shigematsu