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Jennifer Keifer’s Rule of Life

Jennifer Keifer is working on a quilt for her rule of life. Key words of “fury” and “truth” and “hope” define the major categories of her personal reflections.


Jessica Blandin’s Rule of Life

Jessica Maritza Blandin shaped her rule of life around the image of a tree. But, since she’s also an engineer by vocation as well as a relational bridge builder, her tree/bridge is designed to reflect her heartfelt priorities.

Jessica Maritzer's Rule of Life

The Well-Ordered Way: Crafting a Rule of Life

Steve Macchia had the privilege of serving alongside Carolyn Arends and Jon Bailey for Renovare’s recent webinar on “The Well-Ordered Way: Crafting a Rule of Life” and the replay and follow up resources are tagged here. Enjoy and share!

Bartek Tesluk serves on the Josiah Venture team in Poland and is currently an intern with LTI’s Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction

Bartek TeslukOn a recent silent retreat at a Benedictine Monastery in the south of Poland. He writes, “For a long time I struggled with the Rule of Life. I considered it as another christian productivity tool, unfortunately. I approached working on it with two profound lies. #1 If I cannot keep it 100% then there is no point in creating rules that will be a source of feeling guilty. #2 If I follow my Rule of Life it will fuel my ministry and life with God. It took months to patiently work through the book (Crafting Rule of Life) and the podcast series on the topic (Discerning Leader Podcast). Thanks to God, He worked with me despite my resistance. Through the 5 “T’s” presented in the book I was discovering God’s Invitation to Life, not a system. I especially loved the mundane examples of rules of life from different people at the end of the book, it helped me to eliminate the divide in my mind between sacred and secular. The Holy Spirit graciously unraveled my preconceived ideas, showing me that the Rule of Life is more than a power supply for my life – “things I do to live out my life”, input-output. It is clear now for me that Rule covers all of Life, as a whole – different dimensions overflowing each other. And each practice in the Rule is a gracious invitation to a relationship and mindful living.”

Warriner Family Rule of Life

Dan, Heather, and Owen Warriner created their family rule of life in words and images. Such a joy to know they worked on this together as a family. Very creative! 

William Funderburk’s Rule of Life

William Funderburk expresses his personal rule of life around a key word, “attentiveness” and then expresses it via the medium of poetry with key Scriptures. Take a look at this unique design for a rule of life. He will be adding more “activist” panels as he continues to craft his personal rule of life in the coming days. 

Season Eight Episode One of The Discerning Leader Podcast Now Available!

Season Eight: Discerning Our Personal Rule of Life
Host: Steve Macchia | Guest: Tom Griffith

In season eight, Steve Macchia welcomes guest Tom Griffith to the podcast to discuss discerning God Our Personal Rule of Life in the following episodes:

Introduction • Framing • Forming • Fulfilling • Process and Examples

Steven Petersheim’s Rule of Life

Steven Petersheim’s Rule of Life is built around prayers…one daily breath prayer “God be in My Head” and a second weekly self-reflection prayer “Being an Instrument of His Peace” – the ancient and modern combined so beautifully and graciously. His spiritual routines and worship practices highlight this brother’s desire to be fully devoted to the Lord. Kudos to Steven and thank you for being a godly role model to so many in your orbit of influence.

Steven Petersheim's Rule of Life

Heidi Duncan’s Rule of Life

Heidi Duncan offers a very creative approach to crafting a personal rule of life. With “music of the spheres” as her theme, each ring concentrically displayed outlines her daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual priorities. A background in costuming on Broadway helped her know how to use safety pins to hold it together and hang perfectly! Kudos, Heidi!

Heidi Duncan's Rule of Life

Practicing a Rule of Life – Formatio Newsletter

Practicing a Rule of Life Newsletter