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Steven Petersheim’s Rule of Life

Steven Petersheim’s Rule of Life is built around prayers…one daily breath prayer “God be in My Head” and a second weekly self-reflection prayer “Being an Instrument of His Peace” – the ancient and modern combined so beautifully and graciously. His spiritual routines and worship practices highlight this brother’s desire to be fully devoted to the Lord. Kudos to Steven and thank you for being a godly role model to so many in your orbit of influence.

Steven Petersheim's Rule of Life

Heidi Duncan’s Rule of Life

Heidi Duncan offers a very creative approach to crafting a personal rule of life. With “music of the spheres” as her theme, each ring concentrically displayed outlines her daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual priorities. A background in costuming on Broadway helped her know how to use safety pins to hold it together and hang perfectly! Kudos, Heidi!

Heidi Duncan's Rule of Life

Practicing a Rule of Life – Formatio Newsletter

Practicing a Rule of Life Newsletter

Two great sermons on “Crafting a Rule of Life” that you might really enjoy

Practicing the Rule” based on John 1: 3-5 by Matt Chandler from The Village Church in Texas (11.17.19)

“Developing a Rule of Life” based on John 15: 1-8 by John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church in Portland, OR (11.3.19)

Danielle DeLong’s Rule of Life

Danielle DeLong created her personal rule of life using and it’s full of life, spaciousness, relationships, and intentionality. Well done, Danielle!

James Holt’s Rule of Life

James Holt crafted his personal rule of life on a baseball. Very creative! Here he is holding his rule of life prayerfully and gratefully. Keep your rule of life fresh and inviting, renewing and restorative, creative and life-transforming!

Kimberly Fick’s Rule of Life

Kimberly Fick’s Rule of Life is creatively designed with one main theme: “God loves you and that will never change” and four key priorities: Love God; Love Others; Sabbath Rest; Daily Examen (with specific reminders of each). Simple and beautiful and hangs in her living room as a daily reminder to she and her family. Well done, Kim!

Julie Meissner and Cindy Wu’s Encourage Each Other

Two ministry friends and pastor’s wives, Julie Meissner and Cindy Wu, who share similar challenges and demands, are encouraging each other as they craft their rule of life. They both aim to live less stressed, more joy-filled lives and find Crafting A Rule of Life a wonderful resource to help guide their steps during this season of life.

Anna Stefano’s Rule of Life

Anna Stefano’s rule of life is uniquely beautiful…held in place by her gracious and loving smile! The creative options for crafting a rule of life are endless…enjoy the process of discovery and creation.

Brian Emmet’s Rule of Life

Brian Emmet has crafted his rule of life using the visuals of ancient Christian icons and the phrases “The Light of Christ,” “The Peace of Christ,” “The Love of Christ,” “The Life of Christ” to add definition to his personal, daily priorities. We trust this will serve as an encouragement to your soul and the creation of your unique rule of life.