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Your personal rule of life is just that….yours…and personal! God has beautifully and wonderfully made you as a unique person. And thus, you’re wired and fashioned like no other human being on the planet. How incredible is that?!

The above example not only represents a personal rule of life…it represents a unique expression of one’s rule. Everyone seems to have their own way of crafting and shaping their rule. And we most certainly celebrate and rejoice in that! When you begin crafting your own rule, however, we recommend the ‘grid.’ It’s extremely helpful to those who are just beginning their journey.

But once you’ve lived with a rule for many years (as our friend has done), you may find the freedom to express and display your rule in similar fashion. Bottom line–whatever works for you…go for it!

May you continue living fully in the life that God is inviting you into. And may you find great joy as you journey on the well-ordered way!

Blessings to you!

** Click here for more unique examples and templates to help you create your own Rule of Life.

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