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Good morning! The contest to win 3 FREE BOOKS ON SPIRITUAL FORMATION…Crafting A Rule Of Life (Macchia), Hearing God (Willard), and Discovering Lectio Divina (Howard and Wilhoit) will only run for a few more days!  To enter, simply post a photo of the book on our Facebook Page. Here are some photos that have been submitted thus far:



There is still time to enter into the contest to win a bundle of three Formatio/IVP books! All you need to do is visit our Facebook page and submit a photo of your copy of Crafting A Rule Of Life in a compelling and unique location. The winner will be selected and receive THREE FREE BOOKS (Crafting a Rule of Life, Hearing God, and Discovering Lectio Divina). ENTER TODAY!! Only 6 days remain! 



We have seen it again and again over the past few years. As men and women have disciplined themselves in the rhythms of prayerful silence and reflection, the Triune God has invited them into deeper communion with Himself and with His Body. What is the invitation they joyfully receive? Spiritual Direction.

If you have felt that same whisper or tug on your heart, maybe SELAH is for you. Perhaps you are being invited to be trained and instructed in a certificate program in order to be equipped to sit attentively with others. Or maybe spiritual direction is a foreign concept and is quite new to you. In that case, maybe part of your rule of life is to begin seeking out a spiritual director/friend to come alongside you in your journey.