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Podcast on Crafting a Rule of Life with Steve Macchia and Nathan Foster (Renovare)

Listen: Podcast w/ Steve Macchia and Nathan Foster

Living Lightly

I hold the weighty word of our family’s Father
I have the open ear of the Master of all
May I rest
May I reflect and remember
         For Your way is strange
May I not grasp at my own expectations
May I see through death, dark, and defeat
         For all things You master
May I pay heed to Your world
May I hearken to Your word
         For You complete what You design
May I take with grateful wonder and righteous prudence
May I make with joyful diligence and humble faith
         For freely You give
May I admit my limits: my failures, flaws, and fears
May I accept others: their struggles, strangeness, and strength
         For You take us into Your arms
May I speak and see carefully
May I sleep fully free from care
         For You leads us
Yes, Master, may You lead my family
         and hold our hand
         and walk beside us all the days of our lives
         that we may dwell forever with your Son
         with whom we sit
         asking these things


A joy to hear Kevin Keating share his rule of life today in the form of a prayer/poem…can you see the parallel to the Lords Prayer?! He has detailed specifics for how he’s living out this prayer…very creative approach!

Paul Clark’s Rule of Life

Paul-Clark-Rule-of-LifeWhen Pastor Paul Clark first encountered the idea of writing his own personal rule of life, what emerged was a desire for his entire pastoral staff of 12 to also create their own. Paul shares his rule of life for all who are engaged in pastoral ministry as an example of what one pastor has crafted for himself…and we joyfully offer it to you! Thanks to all who have contributed their personal rule of life as testimonies of God’s deeper work…each one has enriched this interactive website tremendously.

A Visual Rule of Life

A Visual Rule of Life

A great example of a visual rule of life! What might your pictures be? Be creative! Enjoy thinking about, looking for, or snapping some photos that remind you of areas in your life in which you want to be intentional. The person who this rule belongs to has it hanging in her kitchen so that she sees it everyday. It has become a source of conversation for those who enter her home. And it has been a reminder of what it is she values and where she wants to focus her time, energy, and talents.

Leslea Linebarger’s Rule of Life: 2013

Leslea Linebarger Rule of Life_Page_1


“Sabbath is not dependent upon our readiness to stop. We do not stop when we are finished. We do not stop when we complete our phone calls, finish our project, get through this stack of messages, or get out this report that is due tomorrow. We stop because it is time to stop.”

– Wayne Muller

For many of us, we find ourselves running, producing, striving, and endlessly accomplishing our to-do lists and daily tasks. If we’re honest, it’s incredibly difficult to walk away from our work–especially when it is incomplete. Muller’s words are a necessary reminder that we need to experience true Sabbath and rest.

So friends, examine your readiness to stop…both in a daily and weekly sabbath rhythm. Why are you striving so hard and unwilling to cease?

When we trust God’s sovereign control and step away from the work of our hands, we are wide open to hear and receive from our loving Lord. May you celebrate the work and your hands and then rest well.


Valerie’s Rule of Life



Crafting your Rule of Life is not meant to be a rigid experience, void of creativity or your unique personality. Not at all! In fact, the creation of your RoL is a great reminder that God has formed and fashioned only one you! Check out Valerie’s rule and notice how creative and imaginative she has been in expressing her life in God. Blessings to you as you continue on the well-ordered way and live into the unforced rhythms of grace!


Valerin Osterbrock Rule of Life



“Fasting creates the venue for stepping back from culture and false idols into the presence of God with a posture of open hands in releasing self-directed desires, distractions and actions that dominate our lives.” 

                                                                                                         – Diana C. Bennett

In fasting and self-denial, we are able to begin to see what is fueling or controlling us. What might God be inviting you to fast from?




Self-denial is profoundly contemplative for it works by the process of human subtraction and divine addition.  – Brian Taylor

Leadership Transformations releases a free, monthly resource titled Silencio…targeting a specific spiritual practice and discipline. In the month of April, Silencio’s issue focuses on the practice of fasting.

As you examine your Rule of Life and whether or not you are walking and living in a well-ordered way, we invite you to consider the practice of fasting.

Is it a regular rhythm in your life with God?

Fasting provides opportunities for us to back away from excess (perhaps frivolous delights), allowing God to form healthier pathways in our unforced rhythms of grace. In doing so, we intentionally step back from culture and into the presence of God with a posture of open hands.  In releasing self-directed desires, we are rid of distractions and actions that dominate our lives.

As we engage in fasting and self-denial, we are able to begin to see what is fueling or controlling us.

What might God be inviting you to fast from?

To assist you in this journey, we’re providing April’s issue of Silencio here.


4 Essential Rhythms

When we speak of Crafting a Rule of Life and walking in a well-ordered way, we believe first and foremost that we must develop rhythms of Scripture, Prayer and Reflection in our personal prayer closets. These foster a spaciousness which allows us to attentively listen to the Triune God who is at work in us. So, friends, are you practicing these means of grace on a regular basis? May it be so!

Equally important is another rhythm: sabbath. It is crucial that we understand and embrace the joy of Sabbath rest – as a day of the week, and as a lifestyle. Marva Dawn, Mark Buchanan, and others have written about Sabbath. And they outline several movements of Sabbath in this way:

1. We cease from what we normally do throughout the week.

2. We rest with the delight of the work we’ve accomplished.

3. We celebrate the life we enjoy in Christ.

4. We embrace the call of God on our lives to continually contribute to building up the Kingdom of God in all areas of life and service.

Take a few minutes today in prayerful reflection to consider how these rhythms are present in your life. If they are underdeveloped or inconsistent, how might God be inviting you to more fervently pursue these things? Blessings to you on the journey!


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