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“We never discern in isolation; we discern in community. Every significant choice we make reflects the fact that we are profoundly interconnected with the lives of others.”

Gordon Smith, Listening to God in Times of Choice

Your personal rule of life is simply that…personal and uniquely tailored to you. Yet, a personal rule of life is proved and tested as we live in spiritual community with one another. Life truly is meant to be lived together! And within the context of a spiritual community, your personal rule of life is released and fulfilled through the blessing, encouragement and support of a small group of spiritual friends. May you find companions who understand and affirm your deepest desires, as well as provide the intimacy of transparent, loving and prayerful accountability.

Our hope is that Crafting a Rule of Life and your journey on the well-ordered way will be firmly rooted in the context of Christian community. If you are not currently involved in a spiritual formation group, we invite you to do so and join many who are sharing their rule of life together. And if you have had a meaningful experience with sharing your personal rule of life in a group setting, we want to hear about it! Feel free to comment below or email your story to:

Blessings to you in your shared journey!

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